Custom Semi-continuous Contour Line Drawing Portrait of a Human

Let me create a visually interesting work of art with your favorite person's face. (That you? I love it!) Please see the example photos for an idea of what style to expect and read more about how this works!

Custom Semi-continuous Contour Line Drawing Portrait of a Human

  • After purchase, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with these instructions. Please reply to that e-mail with:

    1. A reference photo attached. Please ensure that when zoomed into the person's face, it's good quality. (I need enough detail to follow the lines of their face!) Your final drawing will only include one person's face, and may or may not include a neck line or clothing detail beyond the chin/jaw.

    2. A color swatch (a cropped photo of a color you want is fine) of what color you would like the line drawing to be, as an attachment. If you want the background to be white or black, then there is no need for you to attach that color (unless you have a specific white or black in mind) - just indicate that that's what you would like. Otherwise, I will also need a color swatch attachment for your preferred background color.

    3. The e-mail address you would like the drawing delivered to. Please let me know if it's a gift and if so, what you would message (if any) you would like me to include in the e-mail delivery.

    Please note: Your portrait will be created in a portrait orientation. Not all details of the reference photo are guaranteed to be included - like teeth/accessories/ears/etc! Be open to the idea of a little bit of a surprise!  :) 

    Your portrait will print up to a size 8" x 10" and will be delivered via e-mail attachment as .png and .pdf files. It will be delivered within 7 days of receiving your reply e-mail. I will contact you if I need anything more or if a photo is unusable. Please download the file immediately and keep it safely tucked away for the future. After two weeks time, your digital files may not remain in my archives, for space purposes.

    And finally, to keep the price point affordable, there will be no proofs prior to the final delivery for these portraits. Because of the digital nature of this work, there are no refunds or exchanges on these once purchased. However, I hope you love the surprise elements of this custom creation and are happy with your final digital product! 

    Thank you so much for choosing me to create this for you. :)