Hyacinth greeting card

My late maternal grandmother is the inspiration behind this Hyacinth card. Following her passing, hyacinths were planted commemoratively in the Scottish seaside town in which she resided. I hope that each year they bloom around the same time. 
She seemed almost magical to me - my grandmother that lived an ocean away. I loved traveling to see her. The long plane ride, the feeling of being in another world and time zone and yet - at home. And her home was, in fact, my very first home. 

But it was quite a cost a hike to visit, and so we didn't visit often. The majority of our relationship existed through quick phone calls, greeting cards, and letters. She was wonderful to me.

How could I not be inspired by her? An art appreciator, a giving spirit, and so lively. There was no one like her. There never will be.

I think of her when I see hyacinths.


The inside of this card has been left blank for you. Write something lovely inside. Then send it or frame it. 

Perhaps her memory and legacy will travel farther as you send these cards to loved ones, friends, or simply keep one on display in your home. I'd like to think so.



Blank inside. Comes with envelope.




Card is white

Envelope is off-white



Card is 4 1/8” x 5 13/16”

Envelope is 4 5/16” x 6 1/8”

Hyacinth greeting card